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Over the last 30 years, my job titles have been varied:  starting as consultant and growing to president of a multi-million dollar software company.  And now my current title of Life & Business Coach.

My responsibilities have been broad:  rapid product expansion and resulting revenue/profit growth, scaling operations and building/retaining incredible team members. 

Yet there are three common themes to my success in every role:

  • Falling in love with the problem we are solving for our client,

  • ​Scaling the business to provide exceptional client experiences​, and

  • My favorite: building talent by helping people discover and multiply their strengths.

When you join me in coaching, I apply these skills along with the mindset work from The Life Coach School and business skills from Donald Miller's Business Made Simple program.

Life is a series of transitions (some small and others large) and I'm thrilled to be able to work with you to accelerate your life, career and business through your transitions (the good, the hard and the in between).  Let's get started together.

Accelerating into Entrepreneurship


Always had the desire to build your own business? Wanting to transform your side gig into a full time business?  Have a great business idea and not sure where to get started?

In Accelerating into Entrepreneurship, we'll work together to create the plan to test and build your business.  With over 30 years of experience in building high growth organizations, I'd love to work with you.     

Sign up below for a free 30 minute session to take the next step.

Considering a Career Change?


Considering a new role in your life? Job change? Promotion? Relationship? Parenting? Retirement?  Desire to try something new?

These are a few of life's transitions; life's transitions can be big, small or in between.  I want to teach you how to walk with confidence through them. Discovering what you love about yourself and growing each day. 

Interested in learning more? I'd welcome you to a 30 minute get to know you session to learn more.

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Discovering What We Love Together

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